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Wanting to get invisible braces in Surat

Invisible Braces are transparent braces used to adjust misaligned teeth and jaw moment. They are the best solution to modify a smile by correcting a crooked tooth without making anyone aware of it. Get the best Invisible Braces in Surat from Alpha Dental Clinic.

Invisible Braces are clear, thin braces used to adjust misaligned teeth and when a jaw is misaligned. They are convenient to use as it’s easily removable and works best to modify a smile by correcting crooked tooth. They consist of plastic trays for teeth and don't show the difference between teeth with and without invisible braces. Book an appointment today at our Dental Clinic to get the best Invisible Braces in Pune.

Invisible Braces are required in the below-mentioned scenarios;

  • Management of disordered teeth
  • Correct overlapped teeth
  • Align uneven teeth

Invisible Braces or clear aligners refer to a tray made of special transparent material, which serves the purpose of managing crooked tooth similar to braces. They use gentle and consistent force to move the misaligned teeth and misaligned jaw in the desired direction without involving hassles of metal brackets and wires.

The ideal conditions when invisible braces can be given to patients are;

  • For management of disordered teeth
  • For correction of overlapped teeth
  • To align uneven teeth

There are multiple factors, which decide if Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces is a suitable choice for your Orthodontic requirement. Here is a list of conditions that can be fixed through the use of Invisible braces;

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowding of teeth
  • Overbite or underbite
  • Misaligned jaw

Invisible braces cost depends on factors like Orthodontic doctor’s expertise, facilities required to perform treatment, efforts involved in teeth alignment.

  • Invisible braces cost or Invisalign braces cost may go much higher compared to traditional braces. Invisible braces cost in Surat or Clear aligner cost in Surat is affected by factors like clinic’s operating years of experience, the location, dentist’s expertise, complexity of the case, type, duration of treatment and restorative work needed throughout the treatment.
  • Teeth aligners cost depends on the braces selected, resources involved in performing the procedure, dentist’s expertise and clinical expertise involved.