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Searching For A Dental Clinic To Get Dentures In Surat

Dentures are false teeth used to replace the lost ones. They are the best substitute for missing teeth, which enable you to restore your smile with natural-looking teeth and return to your oral functioning. Missing Teeth can affect your confidence, the way you speak and chewing moments. But, dentures are the ideal solution to bridge the gap left by a lost tooth.

Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth and surrounding tissue functioning. They look like natural teeth and gum tissues. They are usually made by using plastic but are also prepared using metal or porcelain material.

There are multiple reasons to get dentures. However, some of the most common reasons are listed below;

  • Loose teeth
  • The gap between the teeth is increasing
  • Missing tooth or teeth
  • Trouble eating hard and chewy food items.

The dentures are broadly divided into two types

  • Complete dentures: These dentures are used to replace all the missing teeth. It is recommended by a dentist when most of the teeth are lost in the same arch. 
  • Partial dentures: It is recommended when some of the teeth are lost by a patient, which is affecting their appearance, the way they speak and lacking confidence.

Dentures are also further characterized as;-

  • Immediate dentures: Immediate dentures are given on the same day when a teeth extraction is performed. They are effective in reducing the bleeding from the socket.
  • Conventional dentures: The conventional dentures are given between 8-12 weeks after the teeth extraction procedure is conducted and gums are healed in most cases. They are also called cleaning dentures as they can be easily removed and fitted inside the mouth whenever required.
  • Cast Partial dentures: They are also known as Removable partial dentures. It contains a cast metal structure that consists of artificial teeth.
  • Flexible dentures: Flexible partial dentures are made up of softer material than regular dentures. They are made up of thin material, comfortable and lightweight, best for chewing.
  • Overdenture: These dentures are best to support the teeth and jaw functioning. They provide the best support and balance the denture teeth.
  • Fixed partial denture: Fixed partial denture is a dental fix to replace the missing teeth that are permanently attached to the adjacent teeth.

Removable partial dentures: Removable partial denture is a plate of teeth. They help to restore teeth when only a few are lost. The device consists of false teeth attached to a structure that easily fits in the mouth.

The dentures price or cost of dentures depend on the below-mentioned factors:

  • Dentist’s expertise
  • Quality and type of denture selected
  • Cost and quantity of material used in the preparation of dentures.

The dentures cost in Surat varies from clinic to clinic, dentist to dentist and the above-mentioned factors.

  • Experiencing issue to bite or chew food due to missing teeth
  • Improve speaking ability, which was disturbed due to lost tooth
  • Enhance your smile while a photo is clicked