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Wanting to get Root Canal Treatment in Surat

A Root Canal treatment is required to remove the decayed soft center of the tooth. The soft center is entirely removed, cleaned and replaced by a filling. This treatment is performed to save the natural tooth and remove decay from the soft center.

The most common symptoms of Root Canal are as follows:

  • Moderate to severe tooth pain, which arises due to hot or cold drinks
  • Slight swelling and tooth becomes sensitive to touch
  • Toothache starts are night
  • The pain started in a tooth and spreads throughout the jaw

Most people feel that Root Canal Treatment is painful. That’s not correct. However, there is a possibility a patient can experience pain during the procedure due to infection present in the tooth. The deeper the pain goes, the more the patient might feel the pain. However, Root Canal Treatment helps to remove the deeper cavity. Anaesthesia is given to a patient before starting the procedure to eliminate pain.

The root canal treatment cost in Surat varies depending on the dentist's expertise, the severity of the infection and the mouth area involved in the infection. Therefore, the root canal cost in Surat varies from clinic to clinic and dentist to dentist. The Root Canal Treatment also differs depending on the Tooth area covered under the infection as the molar root canal involves lots of effort due to access difficulty compared to front teeth for removal of the infection. The root canal and cap cost in Surat are not charged together as additional efforts are required to prepare a customized tooth cap.

  • Experiencing pain while chewing
  • Hot or cold teeth sensitivity
  • Broken or flaked teeth
  • Ignored deep cavity