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Wanting to get a Tooth Crown in Surat

Tooth Crown is a dental cap made to cover the tooth, which is essential to restore its size, shape and display. A dental crown is an ideal procedure to save your permanent teeth from further damage. The tooth cap looks like a real tooth and it’s used to replace cracked, chipped and fragile teeth.

Tooth Crown is designed to cover the tooth with a cap to restore its size, shape and display. They replace the structure and support of the natural tooth. A Dental cap is also referred to as a tooth cap usually used to strengthen and rebuild teeth when a root canal is performed. 

Dental Crown is required in the below-mentioned scenarios;

  • To enhance the appearance of teeth
  • To cover eroded or worn teeth

A tooth crown is a cap used to support the damaged tooth. Its primary objective is to maintain the proper shape, size and functioning of the tooth. That ultimately makes teeth strong. For the pleasant aesthetics of a decayed tooth, a dental crown is essential.

We’ve listed down some of the conditions when you will ideally need a tooth cap;

  • Your tooth has a dental cavity, which has deeply affected a tooth and its functioning.
  • You need a temporary crown to cover the weak teeth
  • A root canal is performed and wants a stainless steel crown to restore a decayed tooth
  • You have discoloured teeth, which needs hiding with a dental cap.

A tooth Crown or dental crown is a small cap placed on the top of a natural tooth to correct damage, weakness, misalignment and discolouration. If you are carrying a smile that doesn’t meet your standards then, a dental cap would improve your standard of living.

To help you decide if a tooth cap is a correct choice for your dental requirement, we’ve compiled a list of their benefits;

  • Fixes damaged or broken teeth
  • Hides outcomes of teeth grinding
  • Gives protection after a tooth filling
  • Strengthen a tooth after root canal procedure
  • Useful with dental bridges
  • Offers long-lasting dental support

First of all, a dentist will examine the tooth condition to make sure it supports a tooth crown when fitted. If the tooth is decayed, the dentist will need to fill it to make it capable of supporting the tooth cap. After the filling, a dentist will take an impression of the tooth as well as surrounding teeth to prepare a permanent crown accordingly and a temporary crown is placed till the time.

The temporary crown will be removed when a permanent dental crown is ready to be fitted. Once the procedure is complete, the dental cap will function like a regular tooth.

Tooth Cap cost in Surat varies depending on the patient’s dental requirement, type of tooth cap selected, dental surgeon’s consultation fees, clinic location.

In some cases, dental cap cost is covered under insurance. You can check the dental treatments covered under Insurance before going for the treatment or check the financing options with the clinic for better clarity.